Vote for the Winner of the Design-A-Zombie Breed Contest

Vote for the Winner of the Design-A-Zombie Breed Contest

For the past two weeks you’ve been sending in your craziest zombie ideas to our Design-a-Zombie Breed Contest. Now, it is time for you to vote for a winner.

After receiving a few of zombie submissions, these submission are posted here. Read through the zombie ideas below, then vote on your favorite!

Alien Zombie
If I were able to create and new zombie breed. It’d be alien zombies!, (pure imagination) lol basically the plague happens, ufo’ land because of no more raido waves in space they can pick up on. Get bit, those big black eyes turn white and they start rotting. turns out they have razor sharp teeth (so much easier for flesh ripping! with their long reach and long fingers hardly anyone can escape thei graps (within range) and not knowing where their brains are it’s nearly imposable to kill and with their mental powers they can control other zombies to do their bidding and call out survivors without hesatation!
Submitted by Micheal Keihn

JAWS Zombie
Zombie Breed Contest…The JAWS Zombie…as well as being infected by the virus they are also in a violent accident at the local genetics research lab and they become mutated with Great White Shark D.N.A.!!! The Zombie’s mouth become huge and full of razor sharp teeth, the spine mutates and protrudes through the skin like a shark fin and large gashes form on the neck like gills…they are mostly slow moving until the attack where they move with great speed and accuracy…And during the Attack…they look more like a Kitchen juicer than a zombie, As the jaws move feverishly to consume the victim… the blood shoots from the Gills like a pressure washer…Great Visual for a movie!!
Submitted by Jeremy Hedges

Daywalking Nightcrawlers
If i was able to create an elite breed of the undead….. I would have a dual breed that would adapt to day and night. During the day it would walk upright like any other breed would with an infectious saliva type liquid oozing from the pores. The liquid could be compared to acid melting flesh with one touch. At night it decreases in size and crawls on all fours. Becoming completly blind and nocturnal. Homing in on the smallest of vibrations to feed. The acid from the daywalker would turn into a deadly saliva for the night crawler. Crippling and instantly dropping anything it bites.
Submitted by Jonathan Deaton

Zombie Bugs
Think about it, little zombie ants, spiders, daddy long legs, etc. Not just crawlers either but flyers as well. Could you imagine a zombie butterfly? Or a zombie bee (hehe zombeee) that would stink. If you think about it, you’ve had at least a bug or two in your house at some point in your life. There would be no way you could fill all the cracks in the foundations to keep them out. I don’t think a can of raid would help either. We are doomed. I can handle humanish zombies, I can handle bugs, but I don’t think I could handle zombie bugs.
Submitted by Angel Smith

Remember, the best zombie ideas will win a copy of the “The Walking Dead: Compendium”.

Did you vote for your favorite zombie idea? Which one did you like best?

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